What RuneScape has planned for us in February

RuneScape has a lot in store for us in the month of February. Some of the things that are planned are the Clue Scroll Overhaul, Bank Rework Taster and the Mining and Smithing beta. Below you can read everything you want to know about what awaits us in February.

Clue Scroll Overhaul

Perhaps the most important update this month is the Clue Scroll Overhaul. With this Jagex introduces our Master-tier clues, more than sixty new rewards and an improved drop table. In addition, some existing rewards are now also available for free-to-play players. The Clue Scroll Overhaul brings with it the following changes:

A new hub for everything related to your clue scroll needs. A collection log in which you can track your rewards. A new Globetrotter outfit that helps you with the clue hunten. Hidey holes: Here you can hide items that are needed for your emote clues. Because of this, you always have these items at hand without these obstructing you. Graphical updates for Uri and the Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix wizards. Meerkats: These enlarge your scan radius. You also get an animation that lets you know that you are in the area. Stackable caskets in which you can save your rewards and open them later. The ability to save up to twenty-five clues with which you have not yet started, from every clue tier so that you can start them at will.

If you are a Gold Premier Club member you get even more benefits. Especially for this update you get an extra Master scroll. You can claim this up to and including eleven March.

Bank Rework Taster

Jagex has noticed that there are rarely forum posts in which the bank rework is not mentioned. This makes them happy to announce that more is known about this month in the so-called Bank Rework Taster. For this you already get access to Diango's interface and the costume room from a number of buttons in the bank. This ensures that you can grab and stuff your belongings at will without being bothered. Furthermore, the Wise Old Man's clean up interface has been changed to a filter. You can also point your presets 1 to 10 to shortcut keys and 'Manage Presets' will load faster in the future.

Mining and Smithing Beta

Halfway through this month some new mechanics will be tested in the Mining and Smithing Beta. This includes the ore bag, equipment upgrading, equipment decorating, heating by using the forge, non-competitive rocks and new tiers metal. All of the above mentioned will happen in a closed part of Gielinor in which only the core mechanics are available. You get access to all existing and new mining rocks here. You also get the opportunity to smear armor and weapons with both the current and the new metals. There are no restrictions in the beta: Use any pickaxe you want, set and reset your levels and produce ore or bars without the need for anything else. Jagex would like to receive as much feedback as possible so that they can give us the update as we want it.

Ninja projects

For the following changes you can thank the favorite team of this month: It will be possible to cast the Crystallise spell again at the same skilling location without waiting for your previous cast to expire. You get a 'Do not ask me again' option for special slayer assignments. If you want to put this back on, you have to talk to your slayer master. Going through Birds Nests is a lot faster. There are more chat options. These include 'I have obtained the X skilling hat' and 'My Hollowhoof kill count is Y'. (The counter for this last option does not start until the update goes live!)

Mimic Boss

Perhaps you could already have him: Mimic Boss. Did you know that this boss is permanently added to the Runescape Gold game? You can choose to beat him on easy, medium, hard or elite. If you manage to do this within the time you will win a mystery box. The content of this mystery box becomes more valuable per higher difficulty level. Until nineteen February you can get a free boss token from the Mimic Chest in Burthorpe. This teleports you to the Mimic Chamber and disappears once you have defeated the boss. After that you have to exchange or earn tokens by means of combat or skilling.

Zodiac Festival

There is a new time-limited event in Gielinor. The Zodiac Festival offers players a wide range of tasks that change every three days at the latest. How often these changes are influenced by your preference. For this you get Zodiac Talismans and experience. You also have a chance of mystery boxes.