Torres during 2008 when he was considered

At least you will get something for keeping loyal players. Goals for,

strikers, cleansheets for FIFA 18 Coins keepers, Maybe tackles for defenders and assists for

midfielders. That would be cool especially if you come up against someone with a

striker lever 3 you'll know he's going to give you a hard time.

I've seen a lot of people asking how EA can stop people from boosting this offline/abusing this.

I think the equirements could definitely be different for the top/high end

players. Maybe something like this:Level 1: Reach Division 1 Online Level 2: Win

Division 1 Online Level 3: Win Division 1 x 5 times.The requirements could also

easily read: "score 25 goals in an online match"?

The milestones should continue and get progressively harder should start  50 goals for strikers then

100, 250, 500, 800 up to 1000 goals. Should be Goal Contributions

(Goals+Assists) for wingers & midfielders, and clean sheets + Man of the

match awards for defenders and keepers. not all milestones would increase stats

like you said, chem links could be a tier, also after 1000 along with the

upgrade you get a new photo of the player when they were in their prime like a

young Torres during 2008 when he was considered the 1 of the best strikers in

the world. So at the match screen you can instantly know that this player is top


To the limiting it to certain players, I think they could do it for players

over 30, who once accomplished something great but are now past their prime. So

the youngsters can have OTW cards and the older guys could have these sort of

like "Living Legends" for players who are revered in their country but are still

playing and quite clearly past their best.