This year you were awarded fifa 18 coins

Oh haha I didn't know that. Although for me this year the gameplay in Fifa has also been god awful, but at least we had tons of content compared to previous years.

In terms of interesting content, it sure has some things I want to see in FUT. There is one in particular, called movers, where the players who sign for Buy FIFA 18 Coins new teams get not only gold, but also high rated special cards too. So imagine that Morata goes to Utd, or wherever, they would then release an SBC with an 89-90 rated Morata.

Another one I like is that they have legends cards of all levels, and some have special attributes like skill/speed/strength. So one can essentially have an entire gold team made of legends, and they basically have legends cards at every face card level from 82-99.

It is so much more fun for someone on a smaller budget to be able to use a full legends team, even if they have the stats of a gold card. And don't even get me started on how much more fun and tense it is to open MUT packs, where each card can be flipped over one at a time if you want.They do stuff similar to this on Madden. Like there's an SBC (or set on madden) called MUT Master where you basically have to do every solo challenge available, complete every other available SBC and play tonnes of online games to get a 95 Rated player that is available to anyone willing to grind from day 1.

If you got that player last year, this year you were awarded with an untradable 85 version of the same player from the start of the game this year which was huge as it's usually the cover star who is the card Madden is much better content wise, more broke gameplay wise though in my opinion.