There is a player in FIFA 18 with two clubs

There is a player in FIFA 18(FIFA 18 Coins) and Velimat, who was mentioned twice in the game, with two different clubs.

Often players come into play for different clubs when the January transfer takes place and then place your old and updated version.

But in this case, because we are not in the middle of the season of the vast majority of high-profile tournaments in the game, this is not the case.

The Saudi goalkeeper Meteb Sharhili is the player who has been given the rare privilege of having two cards in the game. Goalkeeper Bronze 62, a specimen sees him playing for victory, while he is in charge in the other.

FIFA not only laughed twice with two clubs, even though it happened according to the Daily Mail that he lent time during the pilot and then returned to the mother club. But because he returned to the leadership on an ongoing basis, you can now get two charlie in the game.

As I know, except the icons, he is the only player in the game with two clubs. What the hero.

The Viva Tidbit 18 is another fantastic one of the worst players in FIFA 18, not even a real football player - Tom Tomudel.

Camudel was mentioned as midfielder of the German second division Erzgeberg Oy. In fact, although Camudel is on the books in Erzgeberg as a member of the first team, he is not really a professional footballer. Or even a semi-professional footballer.

In fact, this low-scoring dissident is actually a club club group. Because Erzgeberg needed at least four members of the first team to pass through the youth academy of the club, he made the competition. Although he spends his time preparing groups, he is a former member of the youth group.