The free game MMO Tera Godsfall update adds new vertex skills

Since its release in North America in 2012, MMO Tera has continued to receive updates and patches. The next Godsfall will be released on April 17. In addition to the new story elements and a series of new demons, the most important will be the introduction of the new Apex skill for the seven categories of the game. If you want to upgrade the new content as soon as possible, we are running a code giveaway for Tera to reward the participants for various game rewards.

The new Apex skill of Godsfall was initially applied only to the following occupations: the berserker, the brower, the lancer, the warrior, the mystic priest, the priest and the killer. More courses will acquire their own Apex capabilities and therefore be able to participate in the updated tasks in order to be used in game updates later this year. You can see the first round of Apex combat skills in video above.

According to Godsfall's press release, the update will introduce a "time travel story task" that will "turn the players back in time and defeat the powerful dragon Khemadia". In addition, "when the Tera gold players in the task to complete the task, they will find themselves faced with his own demons, including their temper, self-doubt and guilt, in order to complete this sacred time travel." Tera's new story element will be available for a 65 role, with an item rating of 439 or higher.