That would make Fifa officially pay to win

I used them and was stuck in Division 6 for 2-3 seasons, absolutely hated them, they didn't fit my play style at all. Switched up to a 20-30k Calcio A team and pushed to FIFA 18 CoinsDivision 3 and qualified for WL.

Just because they're  meant to be "OP" doesn't mean that everyone is going to enjoy using them.That would make Fifa officially pay to win. Adding the chance a card can over/under- perform is the only reason it is pseudocompetitive, removing that must mean removing packs for Fifa points etc.

All those players play to their rating, they just have good stats in the right places. That's why if a centerback had 99 pace and 99 physical and 20 defending, he'd be OP but not as good as one with 77 pace,90 defending and 85 physical In my opinion they shouldnt show an OVR on a card (and in general) at all, only the 6 "key" stats which we see now,but let us see all stats and traits in the details.

There wouldnt be an OVR for your team then but also something like a "card" showing the average of the 6 key stats.

Musa really doesn't play like an 87. I've only played around 100 games, but I'm honestly sorta relieved when I see him on my opponents team, he has missed so many sitters against me. Honestly Mané has been my bane this year. Still a low rated fast player so the same point you made  is valid tbf Nice business model, huh?