Tera will start beta next month on PlayStation 4

Mas Entertainment announced that Tera's free trial of Zabox One and Playstation 4 will arrive early next month and will begin March 9th to March 12th, 2018. In that period, players can verify a fair amount from the following address.

With the game finally on its way to keyboards later this year, Tera Gold players will be able to taste the MMORPG early on. Although no beta restrictions or rules are detected, it is reasonable to assume that you can complete various tasks, you can disable pairs of friends and some bams (big ass samples) while testing the game.

Tera brings real action fighting to the preparation of the high fantasy MMORPG. Players explore a vast world where their fighting skills are tested against the Big Ass Assassin (BMZ). They will have to actively avoid themselves from incoming attacks, investigate hostile attack patterns and implement accurate skill groups to eliminate them!

In Tera you aim, dodge and time attacks to experience intense tactical battles and rewards. The extension of Content Tera is completely free to play, from creating personality along the way to level 65 and beyond. Work with friends to bring down the big ass in the endangered fortified towers and open fishing areas of the world, or develop PvP skills to test against other players in one of the many Tera battlefields you can offer.