TERA: Twitch Prime players can receive bonus loot

Available since May 2012 on PC, and announced that day for a release on consoles, it took 6 years for the MMORPG TERA, developed by BlueHole Studio (dad of PUBG and future-dad Ascent: Infinite Realm) finally arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Announced for April 3 in free-to-play on these last. And it is possible for Twitch Prime players to get a bonus loot in their game. Manual :

Step 1: Connect to Twitch and click on the Prime Loot icon to retrieve a code;

Step 2: Create a Bulk Account or log in to the existing account;

Step 3: Once connected to the Bulk account, enter the code received on Twitch

Step 4: Select your console to receive an additional code

Step 5: Enter the code on your console

Step 6: Download TERA, create a character and join a server. Once in play, you can find your loot in the article request (accessible from the main menu in the TERA Store submenu)

Once the loot is open, you will receive a 15-day Elite Elite Status (which offers Tera Gold, an XP boost, discounts in the TERA Store and fast travel options), a gold crown, an animal purple pet, a purple weapon skin for the Plasma weapon and 10 keys.