TERA public beta PS4 and Xbox One are being released this weekend

TERA is about to launch a game console, and En Masse Entertainment wants you to enjoy the MMO flavor this weekend. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are available for this weekend's TERA test. Participants will stress tests on the server and participate in 24 community challenges over the weekend.

For each of the eight challenges, all players will receive a new permanent bonus on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This can be declared within the first two weeks of publication.

To test in-game stores, En Masse will distribute 1,500 emps to players who log on to specific servers on Saturdays or Sundays. The Tera Gold player needs to return to the title screen and then rejoin the public beta server to receive the EMP in those times.

This morning, March 9 at 6 a.m. Eastern standard time at 9 a.m., BST 2 p.m. at BST, the TERA test on PS4 and Xbox One.

This is the anticipation of TERA on the game console: the locking system: a new locking system that keeps the enemy in sight and focuses the action on the screen. Elegant control: each character class has its own unique default control scheme. Don't like your class's default control layout? No problem! Controls can be completely remapped to customize any type of preferred layout. Counter effective user interface: the user interface of the game has also been redesigned with a new, fully customizable radial menu for quick and intuitive access to weapons and items. Streaming media features: players can easily broadcast TERA to the community via Twitch and easily play mixers through integrated streaming media. Communication is key: players can communicate directly with members of the party through local voice chat, or if they prefer not to chat at all times.

TERA will be released this spring on the PS4 and Xbox One systems.