Rocket League Dave gives an update on the long-awaited Xbox One X update

The rocket powered rocket league cars soccer that captured the world through the storm, the Rocket League is still a sort of big deal, on the tune of 40 million players last month. San Antonio-based Syonex shared the way the title will grow on its website in 2018 and you can view the route map here. However, the part that I inspected to learn more about why Xbox One X improvements will last until almost the end of the year, until they reach the developers.

Game Manager Corey Davis will come back to them to explain that he is trying harder than they are looking abroad, because they want the game to work on Zboxson and other systems, but they will really have to question the change and benefit from it, while they also have to ensure quality standards.

Davis will reaffirm that the team wants to support the top console of Microsoft in 2018, but at the same time they want to be sure that they are not exaggerated and therefore disappointing.