NBA 2K22 On Switch Review

Since the second-year NBA season isn’t very far away, the new NBA 2K version is moving to Switch just in time for B-ball fans to hold stunning sporting events. This time, developer Visual Concepts has made neat changes to shooting and defense by improving last year’s controversial shot gauge and introducing a new fatigue system that allows you to be more strategic in thinking during matches. If you’re a fan of NBA 2K, NBA 2K22 is definitely a lot to enjoy, although this port can be a little painful at times to play on a Nintendo console.

Given that there are almost the same basic modes on offer as in the 2022 update, most franchise fans know what to expect at this point. MyCareer, MyTeam, Blacktop, WNBA, MyLeague, and many online options are back, and while career status has changed a bit, it’s pretty common outside of this. NBA 2K22’s stunning next-generation releases may have a new urban area to play this year, but unfortunately, this part of the game hasn’t gotten to Switch or other last-generation consoles.

So the NBA 2K22’s core gameplay tweaks are mostly meant to make things more efficient here, and thankfully, they’re improvements that will improve the game when you get on the field. The defense feels much better and much more aggressive, getting blocks, stealing and covering the rim from opponent attacks feels more satisfying, and AI defenders tend to cover your players better so you don’t slip into the pace of battle to take the same pictures over and over again.

The same hole has once again returned to something closer to its usual shape, and you can choose to take your grip by pressing the "Y" button at the right time or by clicking the right stick. It took a bit of learning to get the timings to shift a bit in our shots - we’ve lost a lot of open triples - but the way Shotmeter is now connected to Shot IQ, location and fatigue, makes the basketball match much more satisfying.

In fact, you really need to consider fatigue in your work because using a tired player makes it difficult to send good shots. You want to think about who you have on the bench, as well as usually slow down the pace of the game, take time and not just press the sprint button as you move around the field. He feels more thoughtful and involved in general.

Outside the field, as mentioned, most of the modes work as usual this year, especially MyTeam gives us serious Deja-wu when we load it into the menus to find a game setting that looks virtually unchanged. However, sketches have been added to the mixes - which fans have been asking for over the years - as well as a new way to play online on MyTeam lists.

"100" gives you 100 points and challenges you to prove how well you defend against other players, as these points are deducted from every basket made against you in matches. You get bigger prizes when you keep your score at a high level and then drop back to a lower level in the game when you’re done.

As for MyCareer, it’s definitely a little disappointing as usual this year with the real story of how fast it explodes in the NBA - this game doesn’t give you enough time in college and lower league level - and the usual awful dialogue and writing, to be honest. We’ve never felt any connection to MP, a basketball player from YouTube that we can control here and the narrative elements of this space can make real changes in the future.

However, not everything is bad with MyCareer, as there is also a great new neighborhood gaming experience that cruises the Cancha Del Mar on RPG-type missions, spins prizes and plays arcade basketball, such as hanging out and playing 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 games among others. with players. It’s a bit of a weird place, of course, but it’s also big in size and full of activity.

We can see fans of this space sinking a lot over the next year. It may not be a new, next-generation City View, but here’s definitely a unique and useful addition to the features that help make this latest release look like it’s just an exciting next one instead of a real effort. -gen and exchange players with the old neighborhood for another season. EA notes.

Overall, while there aren’t really any big new features here, the NBA 2K22 definitely still offers a lot for basketball fans. Basic gaming on the field has been significantly improved over the past year, and this new cruise area is reasonably fun to enjoy. While this Switch port continues the developer tradition of delivering solid versions of its basketball games on the Nintendo console - the game looks decent and plays 30 frames per second when you’re in action - we certainly have a few annoying problems that also need to be addressed, the worst of which is download time.

Yes, as you browse through the many menus and modes here, you’ll find yourself sitting on very long download screens that take a few particularly nasty minutes to connect to the game’s online services, which doesn’t help it drop anytime. You can put the console to sleep for a break. Charging times have always been a problem for this franchise, and while they may have been expected on a console where they’ve been for years, they still make jumping in and out of the premises a little tricky.

We also found that with a large number of visual flaws, players ’hairstyles in construction mode don’t charge properly because we made a professional, some shimmering objects on the face and beards, sometimes rough-looking animations, and some complete power outages and breaks during the surgeries. In MyCareer mode.

All in all, given how smoothly this happens on the field, how decent it looks on Switch, and almost a huge amount of content, these things are blonde when they encounter everything Visual Concepts got right about the game’s core mechanics from this general. Microtransaction scams can still smell, and some facilities have been waiting for fixes, but it’s undeniable that the NBA 2K22 is another solid entry in the franchise series that enhances last year’s performance because it really matters and lands on Switch Impressively Efficient - if you can let sorry for the awkward download screens.

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