​MUT 22 Gridiron Guardians: New Champions Aaron Rodgers and Jalen Ramsey Revealed

Madden 22 is continually refreshing its cards inside Madden Ultimate Team and yesterday we saw the expansion of another program, Gridiron Guardians.

EA has now added two more MUT 22 Gridiron Guardians Champions to the program, Aaron Rodgers and Jalen Ramsey!

We should look at the most recent Champions in the Gridiron Guardians program in MUT 22.

Freshest Gridiron Guardians Champions

As Madden Ultimate Team heads towards Weekend League, more cards are en route to the Gridiron Guardians program. This time we're getting the two Champions play on inverse sides of the ball.

On the off chance that you get the opportunity to get the two of them, you certainly ought to as they'll carry a moment lift to your crew.

Aaron Rodgers - 92 OVR (Before Power Up) (QB) - Green Bay Packers

The main player we'll investigate is future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers' card is a 92 OVR and is currently a Gridiron Guardians Champion in Madden Ultimate Team.

The extraordinary part is that paying little mind to the offense you run, Aaron Rodgers is an ideal fit. He's versatile enough to get away from the pocket, yet he likewise has incredible toss force and precision.

The expression "improviser" is ideal for this Gridiron Guardian. Aaron Rodgers will fit any plan you anticipate running, and can rescue if necessary. He's presently going for 364K at the Auction House. On the off chance that you Power Up this card the 92 OVR will be supported to 93 OVR.

Need blockers for the Gridiron Guardian Champion Aaron Rodgers? Look at the MUT 22 Heavyweights!

Jalen Ramsey - 92 OVR (Before Power Up) (CB) - Los Angeles Rams

The most elevated evaluated CB out of the multitude of Gridiron Guardians and truly outstanding in the whole NFL is Jalen Ramsey, and he's prepared for your Madden Ultimate Team safeguard.

Ramsey has wonderful man inclusion and would work best following the best collector in the rival group. His zone inclusion is incredible as well so you'll have a lockdown corner in your Ultimate Team with Ramsey.

The main worry for Ramsey is his low deftness, however his 91 SPD ought to have the option to compensate for that. Considering he's one of the greatest appraised cornerbacks at this moment, you'll need him in your group.

When you power up this card his general will go from 92 OVR to 93 OVR, making him the best corner in Madden Ultimate Team. He's right now going for 365K at the Auction House.

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