MapleStory 2 with chaos rising updates and Thanksgiving events

MapleStory 2, the leading MMORPG on Nexon Launcher and Steam, brings festive fun to players through a slew of new content updates, Thanksgiving events and quality of life improvements.

Starting today, Maplers can now join the two most popular dungeons in Chaos Raids, Shadow Altar and Moonlight Fortress, and then the ludi-based Clock Tower Chaos Raid on nov 30. Chaos Raids is a challenging direct boss of 10 dungeons with satisfying difficulty and incredible rewards such as weapons and legendary equipment, including limits, rarity and panic.

Turkey's terror hour is available to all players from today through December 6. 10 +. At this event, a giant wild Turkey is leading the maple world invasion. Players can accept the daily mission of "" defeating wild Turkey" "from queen town ruby and complete the acquisition of the exclusive" "geographical Turkey Mount." "

There is also a Maple Harvest event at the same time period, where players can buy "" Maple leaf" "COINS from NPC Bobby's store to buy items. Various activity tasks can also receive unique titles.

Improving quality of life includes:

Removal feature improvements: place more items for removal and preview

Wardrobe function: immediately switch the "preset gears" all together

Quickslot pages: save more quick slots and switch between them

Check the party feature: trigger option to check if everyone at the party is ready

Piano roll: check the piano roll when writing blank sheet music

Reduced floor area: reduced floor area

New weapon templates: priests, wizards, heavy shooters, and rabid work new weapon templates

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