Just need to hope some fifa games

How do you access the mining world menu? I keep clicking on the mining world

NPC but the menu doesn't come up. I think I'm being a big n00b that forgot

commands. seems like the update is not live on 'all' worlds, I only see the

mining world menu and additional bonus XP on TFI. I do not see the update on

magic. Whenever I use /miningworld, it just says in the chat how long it is

until the game ends and how many players are still alive.

Still unable to make subs on the fly with smartglass , a feature that could be done on the Wii u with

fifa 13 , where is the innovation , still only 1v1 friendlies , utterly shocking

, lots of left games yet again till we find our grinds for 2v2 , just need to

hope some fifa games become backward compatible to play online with more than

one friend. the chance to FIFA 18 Coins play it is absurd that you have risen against

friends in 2 vs 2 up and even in 5 vs 5, you did stop making tournaments among friends

from other consoles, I have noticed a bug concerning created team sheets and

edited online formations in seasons mode. Example: I've created two team sheets

for Bayern, picked one as favourite formation, and then I saved the game.

Afterwards I entered Seasons mode and edited the formation for Bayern there.

After playing an online match, the team sheet I picked as favourite was messed

up. I changed it back (including the name of the formation), entered Seasons

Mode again. There, the formation was still the same. Started an online match.

NOW there, despite showing a different formation before the match, I play with

the adjusted team sheet formation.The problem is not just that the wrong fitness

is shown but the team I see is not the team playing. I can see players in the

overview that are not on the pitch. In seasons mode i can't change "defending"

to "legacy defending". Another option is white and i can change like "pass

assistance" or "shooting assistance" but "defending" is grey and unable to

change. This problem is only in seasons mode in quick match mode everythink is