It was the best-selling Rocket League game on the ESHOP switch

The Rocket League spread unbelievably last month on the Nintendo Switch. The game was announced for the first time in July to be ordered again during the Nintendo 2013 E3 offer. The announcement was a big surprise for many. It seems that especially European swap bodies were very enthusiastic about the game. Nintendo recently released a blueprint for the European Esch Swift, which offers the bestseller data for November 2017. Lego rocket has found surprisingly place number one.

Yes, a popular game, as mentioned, but this is still a great achievement (this is for the incredible physical edition of the boards). You wonder how the game will generally sell over the switch. Many Indy developers have so far been very successful with the switch, so we see that Psionix has such a huge game on its hands, things have to be exactly the same. Anyway, the team should undoubtedly be happy to see this!

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