I'm actually enjoying this one atm at mmoak

I'm actually enjoying this one atm. It is fresh and new I am hearing it's

heavily scripted but so what, it hasn't been done before. Anyways, I agree with

the above, maybe finishing off at the world cup with your country? There is talk

at the end of The RuneScape Gold Journey of Alex Hunter being called up to the

England squad.

To make it more realistic seeing as he is only 17 perhaps you should be able

to play for the U21s first. In my opinion that would have been a good thing to

put into The Journey in FIFA 17 but would also be a good edition to FIFA 18. Any

thoughts? It's obvious that FIFA 18 will be based on the World Cup and then FIFA

19 could be how he wants Premier League glory etc.

And if EA somehow get the UEFA License from Konami in 3-4 years time

FIFA 20 is Champions League Goes on and on, a bit stupid how it's limited

to one season but its an exciting one nonethelessput it in The Sims since

EA already owns it and give attention to game modes like manager or a

proper player career. This is a football, not a life sim. It′s already enough

all the attention FUT gets so they can rip off the suckers buying FIFA points.