I love FIFA and play it on PS4 atm

I love FIFA and play it on PS4 atm. I don't really care if it's a bit downscaled, talking about graphics. I just want it to feel the same as the PS4/XB1 couterpart and have a decent amount of people playing online, but that's not something up to EA.I won't be playing anything in toilet :) I go inside that room, with one specific goals in mind...and that's what I do. I didn't notice that it was the same team making the Switch version - that's actually good news!

I'm guessing it's to do with file sizes and a slight downgrade to get it running on FIFA 18 Coins Switch, but (and I'm saying this as someone who isn't a big football fanatic) if they give it some Switch-specific features like using the two Joy-con for local multiplayer, I may actually pick it up.I use reddit though. the vita version looks decent and the Switch is more powerful.

I just hope it has all the same game modes as the PS4/XB1. Hopefully Ultimate Team is there otherwise it'll be disappointing for me. I love FIFA and I really don't mind paying for it twice on the switch and PS4 as at Best Buy they have had a trade in of $35 for the previous year to use on the new one. I would use the switch version for my career modes exclusively. What we've seen of the clockwork is really good, although we don't know if it's running Pascal or Maxwell.

Until Tegra confirms anything, we can't really make assumptions.Doubtful at this point. Theyve avoided and deflected every question asking if the engine is Frostbite. Referencing the term "custom built" so many times, its not looking hopeful.