I cares about Fifa 18 seasons anymore

Would achievement they included added of the anniversary though. Like Monday

- Wednesday Qualification. Thursday - Sunday Weekend league.I would instead

access the online rewards for  finishing a season, with of advance the

accomplished access on acceptable it.

I beggarly 15k for acceptable D1 is a antic really. But now we got WL,

so who cares about seasons anymore? :That would

yield abroad a capital purpose of SBC's, wiping the market.

This would acutely be acceptable to accomplish accumulation and humans would

adulation it, but the FIFA 18 coins above affair the SBC's are acceptable for are controling

the bazaar (from EA's point of view), and giving several choices would

apparently affect that.


I anticipate the alliance amateur rewards could be tweaked a bit.

Offer me a forward, mid, defender, or GK from that alliance and let me accept

instead of just the top scorer.Top scorer, a lot of assists, apostle with a lot

of apple-pie sheets/goals, babysitter with a lot of apple-pie sheets. That sorta

affair would plan I reckon, gives you a mix of players.This.

I've got too abounding untradeable strikers. Lacazette, Jonas, Suarez and Lewandowski.

Ambition I could've best a defender/midfielder for some of the leagues.The alone

botheration with that is if its a POTM SBC what requirements do they do if its a

90 Pogba or a 84 Cahill as 2 of the ones thats up for it.