How to defeat this week's challenge?

If you've been living in the shape of a soccer ball for the past week, you'll know it's the ninth birthday of FIFA's 18 Ultimate Team(Cheap FIFA Coins), and it's a challenge. One of the most important end-team goals so far is the downward challenge. Even at the best of times, it could be a tricky beast. Here's how to pull down a falling head each time and complete another weekly goal.

How to execute FIFA 18 downward title: best player, strategy?

The goblins weekly goal of st. Patrick's day requires you to get 10 down titles in the FIFA 18 flag fleet by the end of March 22.

Let's take a look back: execute FIFA's 18 downward heading, and when the ball is within the height of the player's head, you must double-click B/circle. Keeping the lever in the direction of the cross can also help with the weekly goal drop heading. Waiting below the ball instead of running to it seems like the best recipe, but in some cases it may be down to pot luck.

There is no doubt that players with excellent air capabilities (including but not limited to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani and Robert Lewandowski) should be your first port of call. In addition, you don't have to get this done online, and if you're in a mood to drink, you don't have to start Squad Battles in beginner mode.

When it comes to passing, you are more likely to cross the ball from the ball (LB + Y/L1 + triangle) than the traditional cross. Has, however, early Crosser qualities of the players will be able to calm the ball will be thrown into the way the mixer, and with the elite, the powerful striker and combining their know-how, you should not break their ability, in order to predict where the crossover will occur.

How to defeat FIFA 18 below the weekly goal?

The goblins weekly goal will see you unlock an unconvertible 77 st Patrick's day harry arteka. To complete it, you need to get 10 FIFA 18 down titles by March 22.

You can use any FIFA 18 Ultimate Team game mode, squad fighting, weekend league qualification, etc to complete the weekly goals. You can also accomplish weekly goals by fighting AI, if you like.