Honestly Fifa 18 looks like a very complete game with a lot of content

There was also an insane amount of Buy FIFA 18 Coins solo challenges. I had to play 500+ solo challenges this year and also had to play roughly 130 online games, and that's a lot more for some people because it's success dependent.

The game came out in August and I completed Fifa Master in November and I haven't touched the game since because I got so burned out on That sounds really interesting.

Honestly Mmoak fifa 18 looks like a very complete game with a lot of content. Let's hope they figure out how to translate all this content to Fifa. They have already introduced the SBCs this year so we might be in the right path.

Great idea, but having watched chuboi for some time now and he says that the ideas we come up with and publish on forums like this will mean we'll most likely never see it in the game, because it would give people the opportunity to sue EA for stealing the ideas.

It's sad because some ideas from the users are fantastic IMO.