He's got finesse shot too which makes

Martial has tries to beat defensive line so he's always getting in behind. He's got both technical and speed dribbler for that sick dribbling we know and love. He's got finesse shot too which makes him Beckham in disguise.

He's also got an amazing combination of FIFA 18 Coins stats, 91 pace with 80 strength and 81 jumping means he's physically both strong and fast. 87 dribbling with no stats below 81 in dribbling means he's seldom losing the ball due to bad touches or poor control. And 82 finishing isn't elite, but it's enough to get the job done.

Not even Ronaldo or Messi have the same traits as this guy.The developers actually confirmed they have done this to Muller. When they ranked his stats they found that only his shooting was "elite level" and if they ranked everything else as they should have.

his overall rating would have been pretty poor.Well FIFA is an arcade game. Ultimate Team is an arcade game mode which amplifies key stats. Things like pace get a massive boost from this mode which is why players like Musa are better than players like Giroud, even if it's different to real life.