From now on Deep Sea Fishing in RuneScape

Players can now drag XP into Deep Sea Fishing. This method is suitable for players with a fishing rating of 68 or higher. You can choose to do it alone or with the team.

Training your fishing skills is now easier and more interesting, by increasing deep-sea fishing. Especially for this skill, offshore platforms have been added to the game. You can work together or work with teams. If you want to start fishing from the deep sea, you have to look up Goomah. He can find it outside the fishing association and send you the right direction. From now on, there is a deep-sea fishing world in the game. This is world 116 from now on.

On the new offshore platform, you can meet all kinds of creatures. There are pelicans and traveling merchants, but also Leviathans. When you communicate with them, these offer additional rewards. Only the entry level can be rewarded, but some rewards require a little more teamwork.

You can go fishing

From level 68, you can start by fishing for a magnetic fish tank. The nice thing about it is that it's stacked. You can also start fishing with jellyfish at level 68. If you eat this, they won't lower your adrenaline, unlike other jellyfish. The jellyfish can also be harvested from level 91. It can also go from a class of 97 fishing sailfish. If you eat this, the fish is the best. You can make fish soup with these fish.

This new skill will give you all kinds of fish. To do this, you can use the new large network at the southern end of the platform. To use this, you need at least a fishing level of 68. There are also some existing catches. These include turtles, bats and great white sharks. All you have to do is use the right bait. You can cut it into magnetic blocks.

Fishing mania

The new Fishing Frenzy has given new meaning to the word Fishing. This hands-on approach can be obtained from level 94 in the northwest of the platform. Players won't bring fish here, but they will get plenty of XP. By using this method, you can get the most XP and RuneScape Gold per hour. You can use this method by clicking on a fishing spot. These spots are constantly changing. If you are active at one time, you will get a bonus of up to 20% of the bonus XP. It loses this point because it is inactive for more than a few seconds. Your chances of success depend on your fishing grade. When you reach level 99, you have a 100% chance of success.