Five annoying things that Rocket League players do years later

I did a bad thing during a vacation break. Instead of starting a computer game, a long-time donkey from last year, I should now have an opinion, like the divinity: Original Sin 2, I've just played a periodic rocket for hours. This is a very common problem at this stage. I blame Psionix car football game for much of the current pile of shame, because it is very damn fun and easy to jump into with rocket league cars.

This comes after a long break of 18 months of the game. The secondary factor that causes me to return to Rocket League, beyond the satisfaction of scoring a goal or offering great help, is the behavior of other players. Fast chat options ('nice shot!', 'Seik!', 'What save!' Etc.) have the feeling that they use as much ridicule as they are used sincerely, and this is terrible and amazing. Together with the individual playing style, this helps me to get a clearer picture of my opponents and colleagues than I usually get from a multiplayer game. This turned out to be essential for my pleasure with Lego Rochet. I can turn off chatting and I would probably concentrate more on the match. But I can not.

After two and a half many people are still annoying, I am so satisfied. It will not be the same game without characters that appear in each game. Here are the annoying things that Rocket League players will never stop. Not all, of course. Just a bit.

1. His teammates will not go to the ball at the beginning of the game when they are closer

More and more people are buying Rocket League all the time, because they are one of the best multiplayer games ever, obviously this means that annoying habits from the start time of the game will never die. There is always a new generation of players willing to bear the mistakes of their predecessors, and this also means that you have to know when you go for the ball at the kickoff. How is this confusing? Take a quick look around. If the only other player in your team is behind you and is guarding the goal, you may have to go for the first time instead of the reverse in the teammate, plug them back into your goal and then watch helplessly while the ball of the ball in the right angle flies.

It is particularly difficult when you see Pro-Pro or Level-Pro players doing this. I have not learned how, for God's sake, does this game work now?

2. Being in the air badly

I have never managed to control the spring wall and promoted to play effectively in the air, but I have peace with it. However, I find it more insulting to allow other players to watch while playing in the bad air. Maybe these boys only practice, but can not you do it with a walk instead of doing it in my time? Watch the player dripping against the wall and then try to double the ball into the goal, only to flop through the arena and grind upside down is worse, because the ordeal has the feeling that it lasts forever. Everyone just stands up, looks, and probably (probably) starts thinking, 'when this donkey ends up decking around and gets along with it?

If you're really good at the air, I'm just looking for an astonishing disappointment, like a convicted kind who suddenly realizes that it's being replaced by a superior one.

3. Congratulate their goals / passes because you have not done it yet

There are a few needy colleagues in Lego Rocket who ask to validate everything they do. Is it not enough to offer good help and set a great goal? Sometimes it is not the case, these players have to congratulate themselves with a quick chat as if I would advise you to do it anyway. "Great pass! Nice shot!" They say they are not like you gave me kidneys, I owe you something ... Everybody wants to turn a medal today.

4. Do not skip the replay

I do not care how good the goal at Rocket League is, whether you're in my team or in the other team - after almost three years I do not have to watch it again. Well, unless the winner. Or unless such crazy luck that each of us finds funny, as is clear from the reaction in group chat. Some people still let you see reps in an attempt to stop you smoking in the Lego rocket early, and maybe stupid, I thought the community might eventually grow out of it.

If you then score a goal, you feel obliged to see your entire return in retaliation and you taste it immediately. Then they let you review it again. Let them keep an eye on you, because hey, they started it! And so the faith of everyone in mankind is a bit damaged until the end of the game.

5. Go out and get rid of a whole bunch of kilometers when the ball and all other players are half and dumb

When I had admitted the purpose of a decent game in Lego Rocket, I often wondered: what on earth did my colleagues do during this series of events? While playing, you can rotate the camera and learn that they were in the other half of the field and casually accumulate a boost of 30 mph while you are the only defender. Yesterday I played a game where both players at the beginning of the game brought the other team to the nearest corners to collect a push, while I pushed the ball directly at the first contact to the starting field. It did not take long to dismiss someone.