FIFA December 18 Patch Incoming update, comments revealed

FIFA 18 was released at the end of December and, as always, is extremely popular in football-loving countries around the world. The game has received positive reviews since its launch and football fans around the world enjoy going out to the field and challenging their friends.

The FIFA 18 Coins players will be interested to know that today a patch update is being launched that solves several errors and problems. In particular, an error has been fixed where players sometimes direct the wrong character in a skill game. The training settings are also implemented so that the Intro Game shows Movement and Mechanics instead of just the first one.

Now you can watch the FUT Champions Champions replay in slow motion and remove the non-functional reboot button in the FUT Champions Channel Pause menu.

As reported by DSO Gaming, the complete notes of the patch are as follows: In some situations, a freeze occurs during the celebration of the goal for a goal scored by the goalkeeper. The celebration of the goal is omitted, in some situations, after the goalkeeper has scored a goal. By holding down the sprint button, you will make sure that the goalkeeper gets up quickly when he is on the ground while holding the ball. The player sometimes has control over the wrong player in a skill game. By combining juggling skills, several times simultaneously in the practice arena, your player may disappear. The standard FIFA Coach configuration for the starting match was updated to show Movement and Mechanics instead of just Movement.

In the online modes, the following problems were solved: captains or players who had just transferred the captaincy to another player were disconnected or crashed after having invited another club to a match in friendly professional clubs in certain situations.

He has made the following changes in the FIFA Ultimate team: the possibility of watching the replays of the FUT Champions Channel in a slower playback speed (0.5x) has been added. When you change the reproduction speed of the playback, it scrolls through Normal -> Fast -> Slow. The camera with a player removed from the list of camera angles available on the FUT Champions Channel. Remove the non-functional reset button from the FUT champions channel pause menu. Change the name of the FIWC Stadium element to FeWC Stadium.

In the FIFA Ultimate team, the following issues have been resolved: FUT squadrons with default tactical values that have been incorrectly set to more than 100 have been reset to normal defaults. A visual problem in which the kit with which a player wanted to play was not the kit with which his opponent would see them play in FUT Online modes. The image of the FUT Squad Battles Featured Squadron does not load correctly after a quick transition through screens. The countdown timer of the pause menu is sometimes displayed during a repeat of the FUT Champions Channel. The scrolling team's alignment list is sometimes displayed at the beginning of a repeat of the FUT Champions Channel. The penalty release tutorial is sometimes shown during a penalty shootout on a repeat of the FUT Champions Channel.

Resolved the following problems in Audio / Visual / Presentation: updates for 2D portraits for some players