EA launches new Madden NFL Overdrive mobile game

Electronic Arts announced last month that it plans to launch another Madden NFL Mobile game in August. In fact, Madden NFL Overdrive Football(Madden NFL Overdrive Coins) will replace the Madden NFL Mobile game previously listed in the App Store and Google Play Store, so if you've already installed it, you should find that you can now download a major update.

Installing the latest update will replace the game name and will bring a slew of new gaming features that have essentially changed the way Madden NFL Overdrive Football is played. You can find all the improvements introduced by EA in the latest update:

A new engine for stunning visual effects;

Overspeed mode - fill your Overdrive table with real-time PvP release tactics;

Captains and coaches who drive your strategy and provide unique advantages;

Master's college training program to improve your skills;

No endurance requirement - play at will;

Easy-to-understand shops that replace complex suits;

You have more options when it comes to rewards.

If you want to know, everything listed above is now available on Android and iOS platforms. Although Madden NFL Overdrive Football is available for free, the game also has in-app purchases, so you may need to turn it off if you're not going to spend money.