But it's exactly what we'd get on PS3

A sort of thing like with The Journey but for managerial? That would be good.

Don't know why they didn't do it to career mode this year.It's been left behind.

Really thought PS4 and XB1 would make big changes but it's exactly what we'd get

on PS3.They need to <a href="">FIFA 18 Coins</a> make changes to the people that are working on this mode

because they can't be that passionate about career mode because it's so poor. It

really needs a fresh approach.

But why didnt they just copy and paste the interviews from the journey into

CM,More chants overall ffs, I wanna hear some good ole "glory glory man united",

"weve got payet", and "blowin bubbles" Also hope the managers show actual

emotion during games when theyre losing and winning and looks of dissapointment

or satisfaction when they sub a player off based on how they played An entirely

new attitude at EA that prioritizes replicating the actual game of football on

pitch and off, not Pokeman!

Problem with Champions and Europa League as well as the coefficient is PES

has an exclusive license to those like the one it just signed with Barcelona,

but EA will probably get it eventually like how they got the J League, but they

wont use their license anyway cuz EA.The license for CL/EL runs out next year

for Konami but Fifa won't bother because it's a career mode investment mainly

and they don't care about that, so guarantee that Konami will renew the license