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I half bronze-bench because I need Shaun Batt, Kim Dong Woo and Chuba Akpom - AKA the club mascots and general deities - to push the team to victorySame here. People tend to FIFA 18 Coins play extremely defensively against my high rated team. The switch to 5 at the back, play counter attacking or park the bus. It makes it a bit of a lottery who will win under those circumstances.My team is 88 rated, and I have this issue in like 1/40 games. Some people do go counter-attack, but most people play like they've got nothing to lose.

I act the same way when I come up against a "god" squad, as I know I've got to play good football to win. Parking the bus usually ends in absolute disaster.

Patient passing outside of the box, testing the patience of the player playing PTB. Eventually most players will commit to putting more pressure on you and opening up a passing or shooting lane. Having players with good passing, solid dribbling, and some strength helps loads.

I know it is a small sample size, but all of those results pretty much pointing to the exact same thing seems to be too much of a coincidence. I've been really hesitant to upgrade my team too much because all the top players bronze bench and others swear by it (I don't bronze bench because it is pretty expensive to use fitness cards, so just trying to keep my team's at a 82 ovr). This is a great sign to stop listening to the tin foilers.

Happy to help. I went in genuinely curious, if maybe a little skeptical, because of the fact that so many of the top players bronze bench. I had genuinely wondered if I was limiting myself in some way because of getting the players I really wanted to use instead of having a lower rated or bronze benched team. Turns out that my own skill is what was limiting me the most. Oh for the days of FIFA 07 when I was actually quite good.

I never felt that I came up against better teams or had more "scripting" against me when I had a higher rated squad. The only reason I bronze benched was 'just in case' (also in earlier ultimate teams you would be able to see your opponents squad rating before the match so bronze benching stopped them backing out so it became a habit).

What I'd like to see is how bronze benching might effect your "skill" rating in weekend league. I've bronze benched some weekend and not others, but not enough to determine anything concrete. One weekend I bronze benched I noticed my skill was higher than most people with my number of win, but another weekend it was among the lowest. Don't have enough data to be sure of anything.Mmoak   Team

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