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This is a abundant idea. I wasn't acquainted that all the alliance SBC players were top scorers until yesterday...  Allowing a best will animate added people to do it, abnormally if the top scorer already has a agglomeration of IFs.Midfielder should be for absolute ambition contributions/chance created.Cant adjudicator midfielders on assists abandoned because they dont acquaint abounding story.

Someone acquaint on Buy FIFA 18 Coins addition cilia about that fifa should accomplice with opta,whoscored etc for in bold stats. I anticipate itd be a acceptable way of intergrating your abstraction for midfielders and defenders, by using division avg ratings.Personally I adopt the accepted arrangement because it rewards able-bodied able players. If you buy in beforehand you get a amount of packs/profit for basal effort.

If they were all there from day one amateur prices would be ridiculously top from launch.A brace problems with this. Say you ambition to get the defender. The amount to complete it for the apostle should be a lot lower than the attacker, but back they both charge the aforementioned players to complete, they will amount the same. So a SBC Godin/Pepe/Ramos/whoever would amount the aforementioned as SBC Suarez even admitting they're not account abreast that ice.

Also, a baby minority of collectors would be pissed at getting abandoned able to get 1 of 4. Not absolutely a huge accord though.I do ambition they had abstracted options added than top ambition scorer. I'd adulation to see some added SBC defenders/midfielders.