How to Deliver Riders of Icarus Gold

Riders of Icarus has come out for some days. Many players are looking for Riders of Icarus Gold suppliers now. We receive some players requirements which hope us to sell Riders of Icarus Gold to them. We did a plan before this game released and product was showed on our website now.

Then the question is how the Riders of Icarus gold delivery happens? How to receive the gold?

Actually Riders of Icarus gold delivery is simple. Not like some games which delivery has long progress. During your buying Riders of Icarus gold, you just need to provide us your character name if your Riders of Icarus account. Then we will arrange your gold delivery as soon as receive your order and payment. At present, the safe way of Riders of Icarus gold delivery is to send Gold through game Mail system. No matter if you are online or not, we are able to send the gold to your game mail and you can receive it instantly, dont need take any extra longer. But please notice that you have to make sure you input your correct character name while filling out order information on our website, especially your character name spelling. If there exists any special symbol, please leave a comment on your order so that we can send the gold to you 100%. Otherwise, it is easy to send gold to another one Mail, unless the wrong character was not created in Riders of Icarus.

After selling Riders of Icarus gold, we also starting sales of Riders of Icarus items on We are collecting the Riders of Icarus items stock now and list them up. If you can give us some suggestions about what item is needed for you or what kind of items are welcome in game. We will consider to sell them then.

By the way, Riders of Icarus items delivery has two ways. First one is Mail delivery like Gold. We can Mail the item to you directly. Second one is Face to Face trade, we will whisper you in game and give the item to you face to face. You will know our trader name before your items delivery happens. And we will send an actual email to you after your items delivery done.

It is hot though Riders of Icarus is a new game. We believe that more and more players would join this game party and have fun in playing. We are willing to provide the cheapest Riders of Icarus gold to all even no profits. Provide you the best service is what we are pursuing, and we are sure, selecting a reputable seller is also what you are pursuing. Good luck!