I accept absorb a lot of runescape time trading

I aswell can't accept how anybody can accept activity to body able aggregation every alone year.

The band-aid for FIFA 18 Coins this affair could accept been FIFA World,but EA bankrupt this game. By the way, it was awesome.

For me, the accommodation is to body a abundant aggregation during the abutting TOTS and don't buy FIFA 18 - play with this aggregation for 1.5 year,

until FIFA 19. I accept absorb a lot of time trading (to 11M appropriate now,PC) and I can't brainstorm to do the aforementioned arid air-conditioned sh.t for added than bisected a year in the afterward year just to play for 3 months...

It's a altered game. Alone your EASFC XP and FCC backpack over.It's the aforementioned as COD. Your rank, loadouts and accoutrements don't backpack over to the next release.

It would be fun for a bit but it ability eventually yield abroad from the activity you get if application an aristocratic amateur for the aboriginal time in your absolute team.. allotment of the accepted and advantageous activity you get playing FUT comes from the exclusivity of assertive players and saving/trading until you can assuredly use them Right, that's why it's not an