Reason why muller is so high rated

Ooh completely forgot about Asamoah! Khedira feels clunky though, and Guarin is still much better than the two of them.No one else miss Texiera? Was soooooo good in a Brazilian team last fifa with TIF Jonas up front, he contributed a goal or assist per game from LCM.Loved him, had his IF and he was the best player ive used in fifa 16.

From what I know about these negotiations, it all might come down to FIFA 18 Coins one guy who does might get fairly offended by piss poor offer by billion dollar EA title.Well since there is a Chinese version of Fifa already, expect it too in 2025.Yeah I agree.

I don't expect it,I am just saying that would be great to have chinese team.and the fact nobody in china will buy it regardless doesn't help, fifa outsold pes in japan massively which was likely helped by the inclusion of the J league, that wont happen with the CSL.

In game stats and intl rep I'm guessing. Same reason why muller is so high rated while his stats say average.China is investing to make football more popular in their country so its possible that they accept a deal from EA with marketing porpuses.